Dispensing system for reduced storage costs and increased production

The all-round carefree service from initial stocking to monthly billing

A comprehensive industrial automation service can not only reduce the consumption of accessories and consumables, but also reduce storage costs and increase production.

The dispensing system itself does not reduce costs and increase productivity. Only with the service around the dispensing system it becomes an effective and sustainable process. For this reason, we offer an all-round carefree service. We take care of everything: we install the dispensing system on site, carry out the initial replenishment, ensure that the individual items are always replenished on time in the subsequent period and account for the dispensed items at the end of the month.

We offer three different dispensing systems. The RX+ can store up to 720 different items and is ideal for PPE items, tools and adhesives. The RX pro offers even more space and can be used for up to 2160 items. The third system we offer is the RX locker, which is ideal for large items such as complete tools, safety shoes or entire packaging units. All three systems are accessed via an RFID transponder or a touch screen, which the operator can use to select the individual items. All storage processes are logged.

The three systems are managed and controlled with high-performance software. All product withdrawals are documented. Besides making billing easier, this also provides valuable results for your supply optimization, as the software offers a wide range of evaluation options as standard. These can be created and sent automatically or transferred to a connected ERP system.

The use of such a dispensing system can reduce material consumption by 25-40%. In addition, the use of this system leads to a reduction in the number of suppliers and overall operating costs, while at the same time ensuring improved control of overall consumption per employee. In addition, the time spent on stock rounds is minimized as the dispensing systems can be installed directly along the production lines and are accessible 24 hours a day.